you hit it, you feel it & you'll live with it...

Friday, November 02, 2007 0 comments
i wasn't prepare to write today...but suddenly, something came across my mind, in which i've been thinking bout it these few day... "the day" ?!!! for any of us, there will alway be a "the day" day...
it can be ;
"the happy day",
"the sad day",
"the falling in love day",
"the breakup day",
"the moving on day" or even
"the 'grow up dude!' day"...
too many too mention... are we actually prepared for all the days???

i think we are, deep down inside we alway find the strenght to face "the day"... even tho at 1st were thought we r not that strong, but actually we are... it's just that we need to seek 4 it... these are the lesson that i call : you hit it, you feel it & you'll live with it


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