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Saturday, June 07, 2008 0 comments
11 March 2008 it's my 2nd wedding more excitement and happy news to this day is that...OH MY is a sooo pleasing moment and very surprised of the self pregnancy test's so excited and just didn't know what to do and whether to believe or not...heheheh..that's just me..this is the 1st time it's showing the +ve cut story short, when to c the gynecologist to confirm,YEAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..confirmed!!!i was 2months pregnant... :)

7 June 2008 , im now at 17weeks and 6 days ...hehehe...insyaAllah i'm due on November 8, so excited, it's been good so and my hubby is very much excited everyday's really a new and xciting experience for the both of us....

i really hope and pray for everything to be ok(AMIN)... more stories of my new xperince in my next writing....


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