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Wednesday, May 13, 2009 0 comments
since the last time i was here, thing have been very phenomenal. when i say phenomenal...i really mean it...

My lil boy is now 6months and 3 days old oredy..he's a big boy now...he can crawl, jump( heheh..not practically jump but he jumps in his walker or even while we hold him up right) ...ahhh he's soo cute and adorable...maybe not for everybody, but IT IS definitely for me. but he's still with my mom, yah what can i do, with my work load, i can't survive to take good care of him now, but it won't be long...InsyaAllah i'll take him back with me soon...very soon enough...nway he's coming over to KL end of this month..yeahhh!!!...even next week i'll be having long holiday & looking forward to spend precious time with him...

things at work have been very different now, mek has left, d has left to...mek is a pregger now and d is climbing her stairs to a better level in 1 of the glc's company...i wish best wishes and good luck to them...i don't have any shield's just me being at the front row and standing for myself and work...i have i? hehehehe..people who shares my stories knows...thing in the office have not been that bad at all, the BIG event has just ended, i am so relief it went positively well... next project's my son's 1st birthday and i don know whether i'm gonna be there or not to see he celebrate his 1st year...i'll do whats the best for me, him and family...

it's may now, so it's about another half year to go to finish 2009... i am sure from now to Dec it will even be more phenomenal...

i pray that everything will be good, we have good health and happiness always...insyaAllah...AMIN


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