Dear Diary - Merdeka

Monday, August 31, 2009 0 comments
Merdeka!Merdeka!Merdeka! and also not forgetting Happy Birthday Sayang....

yup it's my country birthday and also my hubby's birthday...wat a co incident ya...never thought of this..till i married him...

best wishes to my country, semoga lebih produktif and kurang2 kan lah kontroversi locally & internationally (malaysia-indo) being sort of in the middle of these 2 countries that i love , it's hard when people ask..knp my countries are fighting in all directions? (mula dr family matters sampai ke tarian)...satu je lah...for those trouble maker, pencetus api kemarahan, batu api and propa's...get a life...please deh...we don't need you guys ( tak kiralah m'sian or i'sian)..lets just be families and not enemies...

locally, get a grip people...bersyukur dengan  apa yang kita and perbaikki lah apa yang telah kita ada, jauhkan perpecahan and let's just be like the old days we are all 1Malaysian, ada betulnya juga lah 1Malaysia...we are lacking of jati diri and kebanggaan pada negara sendiri...

to my hubby , happy birthday sayang, smg suksess, diberi kesihatan yang baik & kebahagian sll. Amin.


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