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Tuesday, December 15, 2009 2 comments
fiuh...where should i start? since the last time i plot something here, it was my son's first birthday...after that wat happen? alamak...banyak gila.......

hei its just a few more days to tahun baru Islam...and also New Year...OMG !!!

need to start planning...or do i plan? tecnically no, but i like to say that "i wish", instead of "i plan"...when wishes comes true..its great..(if i say i plan, and my plan didnt turn out sucks)....but if i just wish and wishes stays as's ok :) ...just the way i look at life.... there is no such thing as all wishes comes does but not all at the same time...Tuhan itu Adil & Penyayang...

i want to write more...but just need to get a peace at mind before menerjah sesuka hati disini...

for all that i know, i'll try to do my best in everything,cherished & love all that i have now, thankful to Allah S.W.T and i'll keep on wishing .... :)


  • TheRedShoes said...

    yeah keep praying to Allah the Almighty and we wouldn't believe the result! I had since gotten that peace. Finally.

    P/S: The above event- Ichal photographer for this ke? Wow great!

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