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Friday, January 29, 2010 0 comments

Apple worked its marketing magic and built up hype and anticipation before the iPad unveiling. -- PHOTO: AP

SAN FRANCISCO - HEADY from the success of the iPhone and iPod, Apple is getting spanked with criticism, even mockery, by pundits who expected the company to change the world anew with its iPad tablet computer.
Critics and fans were rushing on Thursday to fill the 60-day void between the unveiling of what Apple chief executive Steve Jobs hailed as a 'revolutionary' device and the time the first models will begin shipping globally.
While some heralded the iPad as a powerful 'Kindle killer' with multimedia capabilities that eclipse current electronic readers, others scoffed at adding to their lives a mobile gadget seemingly named for a feminine hygiene product.
'Clearly, women are not finding this name attractive,' said analyst Rob Enderle of Enderle Group in Silicon Valley. 'The name looks like a mistake a man would make. Steve should have spent more time talking to his wife and daughters.'
Reaction by women echoed a video clip from an old Mad TV comedy television show skit about a fictitious high-tech tampon called an 'iPad'. The video has gone viral since Mr Jobs uncloaked the iPad on Wednesday. The mixed reaction to the color touchscreen tablet was reflected in two of the most popular gadget websites.
Apple worked its marketing magic and built up hype and anticipation before the iPad unveiling, but has left two months for pundits, bloggers and others to nitpick a device that Mr Jobs said must be held to be appreciated. Users eager to judge for themselves will have to wait two months before the first iPads are shipped worldwide at an entry-level price of US$499 . -- AFP


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