Holiday with Rayyan...

Saturday, July 17, 2010 2 comments
I tot its just gonna b the other same holiday that I had before. Shopping, lepak coffee cafe and etc...(Zaman xdak anak) ya right...!

Its definately not d same, he's grumpy dlm flight, dia rindu tok wan, duk ajak nak balik, xselesa dlm flight ...nak tidoq ndoi(sib baik bawa) and many more...

Part paling sedih I guest is him missing tok wan...sblm tidoq mesti tok wan... :(

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  • Omorfi Zoi said...

    reading your comment makes me wonder thru back time...seksa la masa tu, sedey...but now alhamdulillah dia dah ok...he still remember his wan & tok but as much as he loves them, i guest he loves living with mommy & daddy too....

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