Rayyan turns 2

Sunday, November 07, 2010 1 comments
Ya...he's turning 2 in just 3 days and the saddest thing is I won't be there to celebrate...sorry lil tiger...mommy has to work. My event day starts on the same day as his birthday and I'll be just like 50km from london bridge. Yes that where I'll be, I'm very excited for this trip, never tot tat I would sampai there. When I was small and being the not so genius in the family, london is just a dream. But this is what God say Rezeki. Alhamdulillah.

Happy to be there, but deep down inside I wish I could just be next to him on his birthday. But I guess he is in good hands and my prayers is always for him. Smg jd anak yg soleh, amin. No matter where mommy is, mommy loves u a lot.

When mommy comes back, we celebrate k ...

Happy early 2nd Birthday Rayyan Adnan, Mommy & Daddy loves you a lot.

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