Rayyan meeting his other half in Jakarta

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Trip yang di rancang sll tak menjadi...so this is our adhoc trip to Jakarta, i think he enjoys it very much....more photos in my next post...
colouring makes him calm in the flight

and chips helps too...still being cheeky trying to get everybody's attention

a visit to Kakek's house...look look at the fish...lets catch them..

him and Carey trying to feed the fish...habisla...

this is what happen everyday...sbb penat sgt

memancing kat Giant paling dia suka

drum set ~ a pressie by Abg Seno & Kak Yuni

he loves it

as much as he loves the drum set, he loves to taste it too....

bebek ride at Pondok2 lesehan di danau

daddy trying to pancing the fish with his leg???

him and carey - this 2 kids really like to show off their presence...

this is when they are happily playing togather

mommy waiting at the danau side...

food is a muct

again kecapekan

him and Pak Ngah Ari...yes they still uses Pak Ngah instead of om coz my hubby's clan comes from Sumatera...so its Melayu Sumatera

they call it Es Podeng - Yummy 1

catching up session with Supongers in Jakarta

rayyan n uncle Henry finally meets after 2 and a half years

pelbagai teknik digunakan utk mendapat pose ini

dan ini juga...

meet Aunty Kiki, dia polisi tau...Rayyan jwb...OH?! (dia cuma takut polisi yang pake seragam)

cheeky boy

rayyan  n aunty juli

preparing to go on a motor ride with daddy...

he think he looks like ultraman

daddy has lots of fans in Jakarta, so while waiting for daddy we end up waiting at the play station

he loves motorbike

round round round


bumble bee i guest binatang ni...

oh its a labah2 - super cute ride

super duper yummy Pisang Keju Es Krem Coklat

in flight bus being transported to the plane

and his 1st bus ride....


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