Rayyan Adnan : 2 crazy weeks

Wednesday, November 09, 2011 1 comments
It all started when he has this fever and cough on 22nd October 2011...it was an on off fever and continuous cough, thinking it was just a normal thingy we took him to the child specialist as normal, but this got a lil bit more worse as the friday came and the specialist referred us to Sg Buloh Children's specialist.

So then on the Saturday 29th October he was admitted to ward 8C, with a lung infection (sedey...i felt really bad that he has to suffer this at such a young age...)...and there we had to stay for 7 days, with full antibiotics on and blood testing every 2 days, Xrays and ultrasounds....

it's really hard to watch him cried and begged not to be poke or even when the antibiotics jabs...no words could explain how i felt...but i'm soo glad that i can consider myself ganas and stayed with him through out the whole period...

here are some pictures of him while hospitalized ....

specialist check in and briefing us

poking session

poor lil tiger

1st kat tangan

first day

moved to the leg, veins clogged, bounced

all wrap so minimized movement

daddy is always there for us...love u

muka kesian

look..there's ultraman

regular BP and pulse check

looks like its at the same spot but nope, veins clogged again..next spot

looking better everyday ...alhamdullillah

test on TB also being done, thank God, all turn out negetive

from our room

stormy wheather

sedihnya muka...

happy with toys and gifts from friends...tqs to all whom visited

upin ipin is the best friend

somebody is very tired

final check up before being discharged

this face everytime nak makan ubat...hmmm

Alhamdulillah he is all well now, appetite is also back to normal...so sickness please go away and not come back....



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