Lesson learned...

Saturday, January 28, 2012 0 comments
Its been 3 days that he have been grounded. Not like he can go out and play or what not, but he's grounded with no YouTube, no UpinIpin and no Boboiboy...best part is it felt more peaceful and he is playing and enjoying other activities too...

When and why we decide to stop all these?...

Yes I guess we made a mistake to always offer him those things when he starts to make noise. In the beginning, its suppose to help us to distract him from asking to balik kampung so much, after a while and now it just got too carried away. And now its not funny anymore as the 1st thing in d morning is U&I and the last thing at night is that too. Not that U&I has bad influence its just watching that 24-7 and not doing and not wanting to do any other activities is too much.

Last Wednesday was my turning point, it was 12midnight and he still wants to watch U&I and he was crying and crying and crying hoping that I would surrender. I've made my decision. No more.Period!I nearly lost my temper, but still manage not to hit him. I cried the next day thinking how bad I have scolded him last night. (Mommy hopes RAF doesn't hates mommy...k)

So now he can only watch those above during weekends. TV and cartoons I'm not worried, as he doesn't has a long focus and interest so much for other cartoons. But will also limits it.

Lesson learned big time for everybody.

Mommy hopes that someday u would understand, we are doing all this because we ♥ u.

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