1st movie date, "Mommy, Rayyan and Daddy"

Friday, June 08, 2012 1 comments
Its been 3 years since I step into the cinema (on my own sweet time, sbb if atas dasar keje ada la) ... 3 years ok...and yesterday evening, we decide that tiger is old enough to experience his 1st movie premier :p plus the movie pun sesuai la dgn dia yg suka sgt2 super heros...so kind of the right time ...so Avengers we watch...

Daddy and Rayyan
Arrived at the cinema, beli tiket and terus masuk sbb we were there right on time and yes we got the 1st row(juling mata) ...

wah mcm buddies pulak...

before entering the hall

i guess at this point of time dia belom ada idea what will it be inside

layan nugget...filem belom pun start...
Tiger ni penakut gelap(for all the stuffs he could see@sense, that we can't see), so from entrance he sort of sense that its gonna be dark inside...but luckily dia xbuat perangai...TAPI....

lepak nampak...chill

a happy boy just came out from the movie hall
He has 1001 questions and his volume...omg!!! (Xleh control) "ni jahat ker? Ni baik ker? Knp baju dia gitu,kenapa dia jd besar?kenapa dia cannot fly?.......(Never ending questions as usual)

he enjoyed himself and the experience :)
But we survived, even tho at about 10ish dia ngantuk n ajak balik...みeみe kejap je...superheros keluar balik dia dah lupa dia ngantuk....

he loves Captain America

He loves Captain Amerika (weird, as we were thinking that he would adore Iron man) ...apa2hal mommy suka Thor ok( hot...hot...hot)

Overall its a successful first experience :)

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