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Wednesday, July 11, 2012 3 comments
No matter how close he is to me, he's main idol is Daddy...(not saying this as something bad ya) but a long the way, I've manage to capture some of his 'copycat' moments...

Daddy ada camera dia pun ada camera,
Daddy kasut crocs dia pun pakai crocs,
Daddy main guitar he also wants to play guitar,
Daddy sings karaoke he wants his own mic too
Daddy suka sos, dia pun suka sos

...pendek kata apa Daddy buat semua dia buat, mmg copy cat sesungguhnya!
this is the latest (July 2012), he has always wanted a shoe like daddy

they always do this, paying guitar together...even tho God knows la what he's playing

kpochi...mau tau aja...

see....what did i say? freakkyyy....

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  • Diana Abdul Molok said...

    ROTFL la too freaky, but too cute at the same time. This is the same case like Babani = Mommy, urs is anak lelaki so of course akan follow Daddy. Follow Mommy macam tak sheshuaaaaii kan

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