Dear Diary - I miss him

Friday, October 09, 2009 1 comments
yesterday & today was an emotional disaster for me...dr pagi sampai tido ashik teringat dia n literary had teary eyes while working in the office...sedeyyyy nyeee

malam balik telp just told me that dia dah pandai point to his hair when u ask him, mana rambut? point to his teeth...and many other things that i miss out....this feeling suck big time.......

please December come faster, i'm going bring him back here and God please give me strength & murahkan lah rezeki kami sekeluarga........ AMIN....

i think i need to stop here, since i have teary eyes already now...before it's down pouring...


  • TheRedShoes said...

    babe, semoga Allah S.W.T berikan ngko kesabaran yang cukup ok... Rezeki ko pasti akan datang. Take care, if you need someone let me know. I'll be there for u like how u'd been there for me...

    Nak nangis ni,



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