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Being a mother you just need to be aware and always alert on any differences on your child.

Rayyan came back from pre-school on friday and i saw there were spots on his palms...(not having ood feelings already), asked him, he said, "nyamuk gigit" ..and i'm like what? sejak bila pulak school ni banyak nyamuk...(mmg dlm hati duk beringat2 now banyak kes dengue)

and the next day you know..he has ulcer in his mouth...i'm like damn!!! its looks like those hand, foot and mouth...so bawa la p paed..and dangggg!!!! it is it...hmmm apa nak buat dah kena...so the Doc just suruh control if fever, he needs to drink lots of water (to avoid dehydration)..as when kids dehydrate thats when all the imune systems starts to collapse...

Doc cuma bagi the normal med, paracetamol, for flu and cough... ANTIBIOTIK tidak perlu digunakan di dalam kebanyakan kes kata doc :)

Pesakit perlu diasingkan daripada kanak2 yang lain! Jangan hantar your kids with "this" to school!!!

here are some details on HFMD to share...

Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD)

Is HFMD common in Malaysia?

The Health Ministry acknowledges that HFMD has become endemic in Malaysia, with periodic outbreaks among young children. Since the first outbreak in Malaysia in 1997, the Health Ministry has periodically ordered the closure of playschools, primary schools, childcare centres, nurseries and kindergartens to contain the disease. If this happens, announcements will be made through all media channels.

How will I know if my baby has HFMD?

A baby or child with hand, foot, and mouth disease will clearly not feel well. The telltale signs of the virus are small, blister-like sores in the mouth, hands, and feet. Your child may also:
  • have a sore throat
  • have mild fever
  • generally look and feel unwell
Day 2 - ulcer in the mouth

without colour editing, ouch looks soo painful...

The blisters can be extremely sore. In fact, a baby with HFMD may not want to breastfeed or eat because of the sores in her mouth.

the red spots ...blister

in some cases the blister has nanah..ouchh
luckily its not that bad as we found out cepat

kaki pun ada spots...but not as bad as dlm palm

few spots spotted...

Should I call the doctor if I suspect my child has HFMD?  (M: you should even think twice on this, when u spot anything difference with you kids, doctor here

You'll probably want to, even though she won't be able to do much. However, if your child's fever gets higher than 39 degrees C, or doesn't subside after four to five days, your doctor should check for a secondary infection.

Be alert for signs of dehydration. Sometimes a baby may refuse to swallow because it hurts too much. So if your baby won't eat or drink, and hasn't had a wet nappy in more than six to eight hours, call the doctor.

How can I best care for my baby while she's ill with HFMD?

Although you may just have to wait out the seven to 14 days it typically takes for the hand, foot and mouth virus to subside, you can make your baby more comfortable.
  • Try giving her paracetamol suspension, under your doctor's recommendation.
  • Teething gel may also relieve your baby's pain.
  • To avoid dehydration, keep offering breastmilk or formula, or water and diluted juice for an older baby. A toddler may enjoy an ice-lolly, which will provide fluids and soothe the sores.
While your baby has the virus, it will be uncomfortable for her and exhausting for you.

Once my baby's had HFMD, can she get it again?

Yes. Like colds, your baby will be immune to the virus she's already had, but there are many strains of hand, foot and mouth disease.
Day 4 - ulcer dah tutup...fiuh alhamdulilah

sakit2 kuat merajuk

vitagen pun vitagen lah...asalkan tak dehydrated
Alhamdulillah he's getting better and since dpt tau awal, so early precaution is always good. So dia tak melarat, dia cuma ada blisters tp takde demam. Will take him for another check up by next week, just to make sure its all clear.

Hopefully all can learn from this small experience of mine.



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