RAF Moments....Coloring

Saturday, July 28, 2012 2 comments
I downloaded a free Ramadhan Fun Pack called Kids of The Ummah by Peter Gould...what a way to spend hours during Ramadhan :)

You will just need to print out and spend time coloring with your toddlers...

cool pack for toddlers

lets do it...

he likes coloring...one of an easy way for him to stay focus

kaki seluar semua biru

ada ker kaki kaler orange..belasah je lah

you can have your own door reminder

this is good too

find the mosque, this is the best and he likes this the most...

while i was not looking the face has become orange

color and cut outs

of caused mommy help out with this....

Selamat Berbuka Semua :)


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