Cuti-Cuti Malaysia : Morib Gold Coast - Day 1

Saturday, April 27, 2013 0 comments
few weeks and months back was super, new projects...and many we decide to just have a short break untuk tiga beranak we bought from one of the coupon deals available...why pay more when you can save kan...

so Gold Coast Morib here we come...oh ya it's in Morib ok...tak sama dengan Sepang Gold Goast bila jangan confius...coz we did :P hehehe tapi end up sampai la juga yer...

after an hour drive from Damansara to Morib we finally reached our destination....nampak dr luar amat memberansangkan...

resort lobby luas...we are here on weekdays so it was quiet (good)

parking pun banyak....(but remember we came on a weekdays ya)

lepas check in kamu pun bawa la barang ke bilik....the room was big, clean and cosy :)

sempat lagi nak tgk tv...tapi amboi cepatnya salin baju...

the boy yang tak sabar2 nak terjun kolam sbb tadi sempat bagi sneak peak of what's waiting for him...hihi

errr...hihihi...belasah je lah ...

malam-malam we went out to cari if there is anything we can eat or yes ada lah few kedai makan tomyam within 3-4km from the resort...tapi if your are looking for nite activities mmg takde rasanya sbb we didnt find lepas pusing2 takde apa2...kami pun balik and layan TV dlm bilik :)

thats end of Day 1...


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